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Karlo Broussard


Karlo Broussard, a native of Southern Louisiana, left a promising career in Cajun music to devote himself full-time to the work of Catholic apologetics. As a staff apologist for Catholic Answers, he travels the country giving talks on the Bible, theology, and philosophy.

Karlo is a dynamic speaker, and the clarity and precision of his presentations reflect his training in philosophy. The takeaway for his audiences is a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Faith. And whether his audience is a First Communion class, a youth group, a college or young adult group, or a parish gathering, Karlo engages people of all ages and levels of sophistication.

Let this Cajun apologist set the hearts of Catholics in your area on fire with a renewed understanding of their Faith and a joyful desire to share it with others.


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Thou Shalt Not Say She (or He): How to Understand and Refute Contemporary Gender Ideology

In this talk, Karlo highlights a few popular figures within our culture who embody contemporary gender ideology. In response, he shows that such ideology ultimately can’t withstand the scrutiny of reason. He concludes that we ought not say “she” when <em>reality</em> demands that we say “he.”

Answering LGTBQ+ Challenges

No person of good will wants to be labeled as an intolerant, judgmental-hateful-bigot. But yet these are the abusive labels that are slapped on anyone who is critical of the lifestyle choices associated with the LGTBQ movement. Are these accusations accurate? In this talk, Karlo shows why these accusations are not accurate. He draws from his book <em>The New Relativism: Unmasking the Philosophy of Woke Moralists</em> and exposes the <em>true</em> meaning of these accusations and gives ways to refute them.

What People Say

When looking for a Catholic speaker, you want someone who is smart, clear, engaging, and persuasive. Karlo can check all of those boxes.

Brandon Vogt, Word on Fire Ministries


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