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Join the Club

Recurring online monthly donors form the backbone of our financial support at Catholic Answers by helping us plan for the future and providing us realistic expectations of future cash flows. Regular monthly support is also critical because Catholic Answers receives no money from the Vatican, any diocese or bishops conference, or other organization affiliated directly with the Church. We rely entirely on the generosity of those who have been touched by our work and feel called to share their hard-earned money with us.

By making a gift of $10/mo or more online, you will join SOCIETY315 and receive the following benefits:

Club Benefits

When you join SOCIETY 315, you can opt in to receive a welcome kit with the following:

  • SOCIETY 315 t-shirt
  • catholic.com car magnet
  • 20% off discount code to be used for future purchases of Catholic Answers products from our online shop

Members also enjoy regular access to exclusive webinars with our staff apologists and friends of Catholic Answers, downloadable audio talks, eBooks, and regular apostolate updates.

You will also receive promotions on Catholic Answers products throughout the year, opportunities to socialize with other SOCIETY 315 members at Catholic Answers events…and more!

For any questions, email [email protected]

If you are a current monthly donor and have questions about your account in relation to SOCIETY 315, please call Customer Service at 619.387.7200.

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