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The Apostles Weren’t Superstitious


Is divination isn’t OK, why did the apostles draw lots to replace Judas? And why did St. Francis practice bibliomancy?


Divination is intrinsically evil and therefore always impermissible because it violates the first commandment to worship God alone (the Catechism 2115-17). Divination seeks to gain knowledge and power without God, thereby giving honor to created spirits that is due to the Creator—God—alone (CCC 2116).

In marked contrast, the Apostles sought God’s help in choosing a successor to Judas (Acts 1:15-26). They specifically and prayerfully invoked the Lord in doing so (Acts 1:124-25; see 1:20). Consequently, drawing lots to select Matthias was a holy enterprise, far different from spiritually perilous activities like trafficking in Ouija boards.

Regarding St. Francis, I’m not sure what you mean. Seeking God’s guidance by prayerfully reading his word in Scripture is also a holy endeavor, not “bibliomancy.”

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