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Is coercion grounds for annulment?


A young woman was coerced into marriage before being allowed to return to the U.S. from a foreign country. Once back in the U.S., she never lived with her husband. Might this be grounds for an annulment?<br />


Yes, it sounds as though this marriage is not valid due to the coercion you describe. The Code of Canon Law states, “No marriage can exist between a man and a woman who has been abducted or at least detained with a view of contracting marriage with her unless the woman chooses marriage of her own accord after she has been separated from the captor and established in a safe and free place” (CIC 1089). Also, “A marriage is invalid if entered into because of force or grave fear from without, even if unintentionally inflicted, so that a person is compelled to choose marriage in order to be free from it” (CIC 1103).

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