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Nicholas Tichborne

Martyr, suffered at Tyburn, London, Aug. 24, 1601

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Tichborne, NICHOLAS, VENERABLE, martyr, b. at Hartley Mauditt, Hampshire; suffered at Tyburn, London, August 24, 1601. He was a recusant at large in 1592, but by March 14, 1597, had been imprisoned. On that date he gave evidence against various members of his family. Before November 3, 1598, he had obtained his liberty and had effected the release of his brother, Venerable Thomas Tichborne, a prisoner in the Gatehouse, Westminster, by assaulting his keeper. He is to be distinguished from the Nicholas Tichborne who died in Winchester Gaol in 1587.

With him suffered VENERABLE THOMAS HACKSHOT (b. at Mursley, Buckinghamshire), who was condemned on the same charge, viz. that of effecting the escape of the priest Thomas Tichborne. During his long imprisonment in the Gatehouse he was “afflicted with divers torments, which he endured with great courage and fortitude”.


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