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Diocese of Amazones (Manaos)

South American diocese

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Amazonas, (or MANAOS) Diocese of, a South American diocese, dependent on San Salvador of Bahia. Amazonas, the largest of the states of Brazil, lies south of British Guiana, Venezuela, and Columbia, and between Peru on the west and Path on the east. It has an area of 732,250 square miles, and in 1900, had a population of only 207,600. Mangos, the capital, is its chief port. Amazonas was once a part of Path but became a state in 1850.

Erected a see by Leo XIII, April 27, 1892, it has 350,000 Catholics, 800 Protestants, 24 parishes, 19 secular priests, 13 regular priests, 41 churches or chapels, and 105 Catholic schools.


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