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Diocese of Aguas Calientes

Mexican see dependent on Guadalajara

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Aguas Calientes (Lat. AQUAE CALIDAE), the Diocese of, a Mexican see dependent on Guadalaxara; erected by Leo XIII, Decree “Apostolicae Sedis”, August 27, 1899, by detaching it from Guadalaxara. It comprises the province of Aguas Calientes. The first bishop was Jose Maria Portugal, a Friar Minor, b. in Mexico, January 24, 1838; made Bishop of Sinaloa, October 25, 1888; transferred to Saltillo, November 28, 1898, and to the Diocese of Aguas Calientes, June 9, 1902. Aguas Calientes is an inland State of Mexico with an area of 2,950 square miles. Its capital, Aguas Calientes, 300 miles northeast of the city of Mexico, is on a plateau 6,000 feet above sea level. Population 30,000 (1895).


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