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Titular see of Cilieia in Asia Minor

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Augusta, a titular see of Cilieia in Asia Minor, whose episcopal list (363-434) is given in Gams (435). Several cities bore the same name in Roman antiquity, some of which are yet flourishing, e.g. Augusta Auscorum (Auch in Southern France); Augusta Batavorum (Leyden in Holland); Augusta Asturica (Astorga in Spain); Augusta Praetoria (Aosta in Northern Italy); Augusta Emerita (Merida in Spain); Augusta Rauracorum (Angst in Switzerland); Augusta Suessonum (Soissons in France); Augusta Taurinorum (Turin in Italy); Augusta Trevirorum (Trier in Germany); Augusta Trinobantum (London); Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg in Germany).


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