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Ancient city situated on the Aelanitic Gulf

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Asiongaber (Heb., `TSYVN-NBR) more properly Ezion-geber, a city of Idumea, situated on the northern extremity of the Aelanitic Gulf, now called the Gulf of Akabah. It is mentioned six times in the Holy Scriptures: Numbers, xxxiii, 35; Dent., fir 8; III K. (Vulgate), ix, 26; xxii, 49; II Par. (Chron.), 17; xx, 36. The general site of Asiongaber is indicated in III K., ix, 26 (I K.); but its ruins have disappeared, so that its precise site is a matter of conjecture. The Children of Israel encamped in Asiongaber in their journey through the wilderness (Num., xxxiii, 35). The ships of Solomon and Hiram started from this port on their voyage to Ophir. It was the main port for Israel’s commerce with the countries bordering on the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Josaphat, King of Juda, joined himself with Ochozias, the wicked King of Israel, to make ships in Asiongaber; but God disapproved the unholy alliance, and the ships were broken in the port (II Par., xx, 37).


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