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With One Accord

Audio only:

The apostles and early Christians believed and worshiped in unity, but today, Christianity is splintered.

Catholic apologists work to heal these divisions by using Scripture, history, and reason to help Protestants see the truth of Church teaching, and in With One Accordformer Protestant Doug Beaumont says there’s still another tool: the things that Protestants already believe.

Using principles that Evangelicals broadly affirm, he reasons to particulars of Catholic belief—showing that in many cases the division isn’t as wide or deep as we thought.

Questions Covered:

  • 11:34 - It’s hard for me to believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, especially when Scripture refers to the brothers of the Lord. How can Protestants and Catholics be united on this? 
  • 16:53 - How is the Catholic Church like the first century Church? It has changed quite a bit since then. 
  • 42:24 - Why does the Catholic Church make man-made laws, and not God-made laws? 
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