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Why It Matters to Be Catholic

Audio only:

Why be a Catholic and not a member of another faith tradition?

Questions Covered:

  • 06:53 - I am having a discussion with a Protestant friend who doesn’t think Catholics will be saved. How can I best prepare for the conversation? 
  • 13:45 - I don’t believe you need to be Catholic to be saved. I have a personal relationship with God, and it doesn’t matter to him if I am Catholic. I was not comfortable in the Catholic Church because it was just a bunch of rituals. 
  • 29:08 - My brother recently left the Church. At his church, they take communion that his pastor says is the body and blood of Christ. He says, why be Catholic when I can have the True Presence in another church? 
  • 35:19 - Why would someone want to be Catholic when the Church messed with the 10 Commandments? 
  • 45:04 - When I am talking to Protestants, the conversation often turns historical. Distortions of history are presented and it is difficult to authoritatively address these misrepresentations of the Church. How do I best have these conversations and is there a resource respected by Catholics and Protestants to establish the historical truth? 
  • 50:19 – I was raised Baptist but am really interested in the Catholic Church. I am told a lot that Catholics worship Mary. Is there biblical evidence for saying the ‘Hail Mary’? 


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