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Why Baptize Babies as Infants?

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 13:29 - My daughter recently had her second child, but the father of the baby is Jewish. Will it be possible for us to baptize the baby? 
  • 17:04 - I baptized my grandkids myself when they were born because my kids aren’t practicing Catholics. Were they legitimate baptisms? What are the rules on this? 
  • 21:56 - How can I explain that baptism is not just a symbol to my coworker? 
  • 31:27 - Why doesn’t the Catholic Church accept Mormon baptism? 
  • 34:34 - How can the Catholic Church accept some Protestant baptisms, but still say there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church? 
  • 43:00 - How is infant baptism important and how does original sin factor into that? I don’t understand original sin.  
  • 47:10 - I’m the godfather of my niece. My brother and his wife left the Catholic Church. They’re not raising their children in the Catholic faith. What can I do? 
  • 51:06 - How do you dialogue with an evangelical about an infant baptism? My son claims that his daughters are already a part of the Church. 

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