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Why Aren’t You Religious?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 06:07 - I am not religious because I felt pressured to be so. Also, the thought of eternal life scares me.  
  • 14:58 - My sons think that the Catholic Church is a joke because they don’t see Catholic leaders living the faith. How can I respond to them and explain that the faith is still worth having, even with people not living up to their roles in it? 
  • 20:07 - I am not religious because I have a lot of things to do, and I focus on the earth and the things that I can see. I don’t see a need for religion in my life. 
  • 30:20 - I have a problem with the word religion because it’s not in the Bible. I believe in relationships. 
  • 42:05 - I am not religious because I have outgrown religion as a cultural idea. It was a first attempt as a cultural identity, but our society has now outgrown it. 
  • 51:22 - I am not religious because of prayer and how I don’t see the logic behind communicating with God and not just talking to ourselves in our heads. I am mainly looking for catholic answers to strengthen an atheist argument. 


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