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Why Are You Pro-Choice?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Listeners call and share their reason for being pro-choice, whether it be in regards to abortion, end of life care, or other medical actions that affect taking a human life.

Questions Covered:

  • 05:18 - I am pro-choice because I believe that there is not a consciousness for life in the early stages of embryonic development. 
  • 13:24 - I am pro-choice because a woman has a second amendment right to defend herself against her reproductive system. 
  • 21:53 - If a woman is raped and being pregnant will negatively affect her mental health, is an abortion acceptable? What is she feels so bad that she would possibly commit suicide? 
  • 24:09 - I am pro-choice because I think this is a religious freedom issue. I wouldn’t end a pregnancy, but I think people are only pro-life because of religion. 
  • 37:07 - I am pro-choice because if we let every person be born, there wouldn’t be enough resources to take care of them. You care about babies in the womb, but not when they are born.  
  • 52:32 - I am pro-choice in the case of taking the morning after pill within 24 hours.

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