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Why Are You Pro-Choice?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Listeners call and share their reason for being pro-choice, whether it be in regards to abortion, end of life care, or other medical actions that affect taking a human life.

Questions Covered

  • 01:52 - I was pro-choice for 15 years and recently started leaning more pro-life. We are taught not to judge, so how can we feel ok for judging someone who had an abortion?
  • 13:36 - I believe that every woman should be able to make that decision. It should not be a forced decision.
  • 19:32 - I don’t know if I am pro-life or pro-choice, but I think we should stop debating when an embryo is viable and instead we should look for solutions to the problem of unwanted pregnancy, such as national advertisements that the Catholic Church can take care of women in need.
  • 31:34 - I don’t have a position either way, but how would you argue about the fact that an unborn child needs the mother’s cooperation and the born child does not?
  • 39:25 - I am pro-choice because I am Jewish and that is the official stance. A person is not a child until it has passed through the birth canal.
  • 48:08 - I am Catholic but approaching this from a Kant perspective. I think we need to allow abortions because the babies being aborted would have voted to keep it legal, so we need to get the voter pool in a better place and then allow them to live.
  • 51:16 - I am both, but I believe early term abortions should be allowed in certain circumstances.
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