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Tips for Defending the Faith

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Are you at a loss for defending a part of the Catholic faith? Trent Horn is here to help.

Questions Covered:

  • 04:19 - Why do we never hear in the Church about how we can lose our salvation? 
  • 15:30 - Why is the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead only in the gospel of John? Also, is Gehenna hell? 
  • 20:47 - How can I explain to my anti-Catholic friend how Catholics obtain salvation even though we don’t go through a dramatic “saving” like in Christian churches? 
  • 28:20 - How can I explain to a friend that Jesus transformed and built up a Church, rather than just destroying the Jewish faith? 
  • 31:00 - I keep getting chainmail messages on my phone. Are these messages credible or can I disregard them? 
  • 37:21 - How do we know that Mary was assumed into heaven?  
  • 43:05 - Where in the Bible is the papacy? 
  • 48:32 - How can I explain why Christ descended to the dead to a Protestant? 
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