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Which Catholic Doctrine Troubles You?

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 05:45 - I feel the Catholic policies on priests being celibate and born-again protestants not being able to receive the Eucharist are wrong. 
  • 15:34 - I’m a protestant. Could you give an explanation on baptism being tied to salvation? 
  • 20:44 - What does the sacrifice of the mass refer to? Wasn’t Jesus already sacrificed? 
  • 29:01 - How can you go from experiencing Christ in the eucharist not just from a theoretical standpoint but a personal one as well? 
  • 40:20 - Could you provide some clarification on the Catholic Church’s teaching on the redemption of Christ? How does He redeem our souls with His death? 
  • 46:50 - I know that you’re supposed to confess past mortal sins if you remember them, but does this apply to someone with scrupulosity that has trouble discerning whether a sin is mortal or not?
  • 49:53 - Why does the church have a stance of being against in vitro fertilization if God said to “be fruitful and multiply”?


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