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Tips for Defending the Faith

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Questions covered:

  • 07:34 - How can I defend the Catholic canon of scripture to Protestants who don’t accept the Church councils?
  • 15:57 - How do you defend the pro-life position against someone who says you must also be vegan?
  • 25:06 - How do you answer someone who doesn’t believe in God’s plan in the context of miscarriage?
  • 31:35 - How can Catholics rationalize the belief of Adam and Eve with evolution?
  • 42:22 - What female apologists do you recommend?
  • 49:29 - How can I respond to anti-Catholics who use 1 Tim 2:14 to say Adam was not deceived?
  • 53:50 - What’s the difference between the word “saint” as used in the Bible and as we use it today?


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