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Tips for Defending the Faith

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Are you struggling to defend an aspect of the Catholic faith? Trent Horn is here to help.

Questions Covered:

  • 11:02 - How can I defend the Immaculate Conception and Virginity of Mary? 
  • 23:07 - I have a lot of Filipino friends who say they left the Church because Spain colonized the Philippines. How can I respond to this? 
  • 36:20 - My 14-year-old daughter has become a Socialist/Marxist in the way that she thinks. How can I speak truth to her about all the current social upheaval?  
  • 44:15 - How can I explain intercessory prayer to a non-Catholic who worries that it would make saints sad in heaven?  Send 20 Answers Prayer 
  • 49:06 - How can I explain why God allowed polygamy? 

Resources Mentioned:

  • Can a Catholic Be a Socialist? by Trent Horn
  • The Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Hard Sayings by Trent Horn
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