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The Why’s of Catholic Belief

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:15 - I see that there’s some questionable quotes in Church History on the Immaculate Conception. Can you help clarify why they seem to contradict the official dogma? 
  • 12:17 - On Marian Consecration, why do they use the language of “giving ourselves to Mary” and worshiping her? 
  • 17:55 - Why has Judas been condemned since he seemed so remorseful? Why has the Church and even Jesus seem to condemn him? 
  • 28:31 - What is the Church’s stance on aliens? Resources: Would Aliens Debunk Christianity? | Dr. Karin Öberg | Catholic Answers Focus 
  • 28:31 - What is the Church’s stance on aliens? 
  • 36:54 - What is Transubstantiation and Consubstantiation? What did Luther believe? 
  • 44:38 - Are people in heaven aware of people who are not there? 
  • 51:24 - I heard a theory that Jesus asked Judas to make the biggest sacrifice and turn him in because Jesus loved him the most. What are your thoughts on this theory? 


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