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The Why’s of Catholic Belief

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:07 - Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? 
  • 10:41 - I’m a new Catholic convert. The argument I get from others that say they don’t need to be Catholic is that according to Luke 9:50, Jesus authorizes people that aren’t Catholic to be followers. Why do we believe that you should be a part of the Catholic church as a follower of Him?  
  • 18:20 - Why is it important that Mary remains a perpetual virgin? 
  • 29:07 - My 6 year old son asks, “Why do we believe that the bible is true?”  
  • 35:44 - Why do Catholics believe that people are supposed to be baptized as infants? 
  • 44:50 - How can Peter have a teaching authority guided by the holy spirit when St Paul had to correct him because he gave a bad example? 
  • 48:54 - Why don’t we do what Peter commanded?


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