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Questions Covered:

  • 13:56 - What are the requirements to become a deacon, especially age requirements? 
  • 20:04 - How did you know that you were being called to the diaconate? 
  • 22:23 - What kind of education is required to become a deacon? Is being a deacon something you can do simultaneously with a career? 
  • 30:04 - I know someone whose father is a deacon. His family is struggling because they feel like they gave up their dad to the community and no longer have a father. Why is it necessary to have deacons? Couldn’t those in the laity just do the work of the deacon? 
  • 36:20 - What is the difference between the diaconate in the ordinary and extraordinary forms? 
  • 40:30 - Is it true that you are visiting Massachusetts? I would love to hear you speak here! 
  • 52:03 - You say that women can’t bless, but don’t women Eucharistic ministers bless those who come up at Communion but can’t receive? 

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