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The Bible Blueprint for the Papacy

Did Jesus truly make Peter the first Pope? How does the Catholic Church know that the popes are given that same authority? Find out here, with Karlo Broussard.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:32 - A Protestant told me that the “rock” referred to by Jesus actually meant “pebble” and so could not refer to Peter. How can I respond to this? 
  • 20:57 - If Christ appointed Peter as pope and gave him authority and the following popes authority, then how do you explain the division in the Catholic Church? 
  • 31:25 - I do not think that the statement “and upon this rock” refers to Peter, it refers to his confession. 
  • 41:22 - How do you respond to Protestants who say that the papacy was ONLY given to Peter and not his successors? 
  • 49:41 - What is the best way to respond to people who insist on speaking negatively about our current Pope? 
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