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The Bible Blueprint for the Eucharist and the Priesthood

Audio only:

What is the biblical evidence for the Eucharist and the Catholic priesthood?

Questions Covered:

  • 14:54 - Using tradition and scripture, how does the Church prove that the Eucharist only forgives venial sins? 
  • 19:31 - If Jesus Christ was without sin, why was he baptized? 
  • 24:15 - My dad is not Catholic, but he believes in the True Presence of the Eucharist. He always asks me, “How do we know that it is only priests who can confect the Eucharist?” 
  • 35:08 - Why does it matter so much that Christ is physically present in the Eucharist? 
  • 45:35 - When Jesus died on the cross, he saved us from our sins. Does that mean I am automatically saved or not? 


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