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The Bible Blueprint for the Eucharist

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

15:50 - Is the Leviticus prohibition on drinking blood a form of preparation for the Eucharist?  Specifically, the punishment. 

20:05 - Why are you not allowed to receive the Eucharist when you’re divorced? 

30:19 - I work with some Lutherans, they think that we have the same communion, how do I explain that we don’t? 

34:21 –  How long does the presence of the Eucharist last after you consume it?    

40:55 –  I started taking medication and it started making me scrupulous and questioning my beliefs. Is it still ok to receive the Eucharist? 

44:42 - I talked to a Protestant about the mass and he said the verse says “do this in remembrance,” so that means it’s just a symbol. How can I respond? 

49:15 - I’m Lutheran, You said we believe in consubstantiation. That term is offensive. Why do you keep using it? 


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