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The Bible Blueprint for the Eucharist

Audio only:

Where in Scripture is the True Presence revealed? How do Catholics know that Jesus meant for his Church to consume Body and Blood? Find out here with Catholic Answers’ apologist, Karlo Broussard.

Questions Covered:

  • 07:56 - In John 6:55, is Jesus telling the Jews that to “drink his blood” would break the Mosaic law of not consuming blood, so giving them a command they could not follow? My Protestant friend says this was his way of telling the Jews to go away. 
  • 16:13 - What is the Catholic understanding of the Real Presence? What happens to the wine and bread? 
  • 24:19 - Why does the bread have to be specially made for the Mass to be valid? Does it have to be bread? 
  • 32:45 - Do you have to believe that the Body and Blood is real? Will you not have life within you if you don’t? 
  • 43:30 - When the Eucharist is digested into our bodies, do we become the accidentals? 
  • 47:44 - I am a new Catholic. Before Christianity was legalized, did they do it as they were eating a meal? If so, why has the liturgy changed so much since 100 or 200 AD? 

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