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The Bible Blueprint for Marian Dogmas

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 15:40 - What did Mary do for a living? Did she have a day job? 
  • 17:53 - If Mary is ever virgin, how could Christ have been born the “regular” way physically–through the womb? 
  • 23:39 - I have confusion over these two mysteries of the rosary: The Assumption of Mary and her Crowning as Queen of heaven. Can Karlo explain these further and how they also relate through different rites of Catholicism? 
  • 36:40 - I’ve seen conflicting responses from the Catholic Church in regards Mary being conceived without sin, because if all humans including babies (who have not consciously sinned) but still have universal original sin, how has Mary been created human but also as an exception to this universal truth? 
  • 47:13 - How one would explain Mary to people in other denominations. Who is Mary? I would like to speak about who I think she is and how Catholics differ in their view of her identity. 


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