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The Bible Blueprint for Confession

Audio only:

Why do Catholics believe that they must confess their sins to a priest? Find out here, with Karlo Broussard.

Questions Covered:

  • 13:09 - Doesn’t the Bible tell us to confess our sins to each other? 
  • 20:08 - If a person commits mortal sins and doesn’t confess to a priest, what is the state of his souls when he dies? 
  • 29:57 - If a penitent is baptized, but has never received his first Holy Communion or Confession, can they decide to go to Confession and receive absolution? 
  • 40:55 - I do not believe in confessing to a priest because I never left confession feeling convicted. I don’t believe it leads to true grace or repentance. 
  • 50:18 - How can we be forgiven if we don’t have access to a priest? 
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