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Kids’ Show

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Catholic Answers staff brings their children into the studio to ask Tim Staples questions for the second annual Christmas Kids’ Show.

Questions Covered:

  • 04:03 – What would have happened if Adam and Eve didn’t sin, but their kids did? 
  • 06:54 - Where does the name Christmas come from? 
  • 10:49 - How can Jesus Christ be a part of the Trinity and have a human and divine nature? 
  • 16:28 - What are the few days between the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of the next? 
  • 17:49 - How did Adam and Eve live off the fruits of trees? 
  • 21:19 - Why are the archangels considered to be saints? 
  • 29:13 - Why didn’t God just kill the devil and free the earth from sin instead of waiting for the second coming? 
  • 33:43 - Why did they cut up saints’ bodies and send fingers and bones all over the place? Is it still okay to do that? 
  • 41:20 - How was God created? 
  • 45:25 - We know God has existed for all time, but time has not always existed. Before time began, what was God doing? Do we have any way of knowing?  
  • 50:49 - Where does the Bible mention abortion and how does the Bible reflect on that? 


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