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Weird Relationships

Rose Sweet

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 22:54 – All of my children have left the faith and a large part of why we won’t talk to them about it is because we’re afraid, like how Rose mentioned fear dictating our actions. What should I do? 
  • 29:29 - I’ve been in a relationship where I’m trying to bring the person to Jesus. Now I think I want to break up and discern the priesthood, but I’m afraid that might lead her down a bad path. 
  • 36:46 - How do I honor my father who abandoned me when I was young and has no relationship with me? 
  • 42:54 - I ended a relationship in which I felt a bit emotionally unsafe. How can I move on from the things I feel sorry about? 
  • 49:14 - I’m a domestic abuse survivor with PTSD and have plans to get euthanasia-assisted suicide because I have no reason to live. If I do that, will I go to hell? 


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