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Living Together Before Marriage

Rose Sweet

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 19:15 - During my current experiences with divorce, I am hesitant to tell my children not to cohabitate.
  • 29:19 - Does cohabitation affect marriage in a bad way, or are the people who are inclined toward cohabitation already predisposed to divorce?
  • 41:55 - How do I help my friend who is a lapsed Catholic and is cohabitating without an annulment from his marriage?
  • 45:06 - How can I help my brother who is now getting married after cohabitation for a while?
  • 48:48 - What do I make of people who get married civilly?
  • 51:58 - I am bothered by thoughts I have of a friend who is cohabiting. How can I find peace?


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