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On this Feast of St. Augustine, Fr. David Meconi explains the life and teachings of the great doctor of the Church.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:51 - How did St. Augustine become a saint with the kind of life he lived? What was the miracle that allowed him to become a saint?
  • 20:46 - Did St. Augustine go through his conversion before his mother died?
  • 29:02 - What were the highest and lowest points of St. Augustine’s life?
  • 32:00 - How would St. Augustine defend the Trinity to a oneness Pentecostal?
  • 36:55 - Was St. Augustine present at any early Church councils?
  • 43:50 - Did the Church accept John Cassian’s teachings over St. Augustine’s?
  • 50:14 - Monica is my saint. I read a reflection that said God is not moved by prayer. Is this true?
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