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Screen Time: Catholics & Film

Audio only:

Which were the best movies of the last year?

Questions Covered:

  • 15:35 - What is best Catholic movie of all time? 
  • 20:11 - What is the difference between the intent of the artist making the movie and the objective nudity or violence in a film? 
  • 31:56 - What do you think of movie franchises and the seeming inability for a movie to end? It seems like there is such an emphasis on making a series go on forever.  
  • 42:00 - What are your thoughts on the movie called “Silence”?  
  • 44:00 - Have you seen ‘The Two Popes’? What was your take on it? 
  • 47:03 - Do you have any good recommendations for kids for Easter? 
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