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Revolt Against Reality

Gary Michuta

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 29:30 - Do you think, in this “information age,” we’re actually moving into a dark age? 
  • 34:01 - Is part of the reason we’ve arrived at transgenderism due to people mixing up accidents with substance? 
  • 36:59 - Are there any arguments for why the state should not pay for transgender surgeries? 
  • 45:17 - Is there any danger of using the Septuagint exclusively for Old Testament studies? 
  • 48:40 - What are your thoughts on the roots of modern relativism? I think it’s based on freedom of religion as articulated in our Constitution. 
  • 51:24 - Is the Pope not with reality? He met Biden with open arms and he supports all this stuff like transgenderism and abortion. 


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