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Purgatory Is For Real

Audio only:

Questions Covered: 

  • 08:18 - Can souls in Purgatory see souls in Hell? And can souls in Heaven see souls in Purgatory?
  • 15:40 - Can non-Catholics go to Purgatory?
  • 19:42 - How do indulgences in Purgatory work?
  • 24:12 - Can the people in Purgatory pray for us? Do they know we pray for them?
  • 30:55 - Are there children in purgatory?
  • 40:35 - Will we be purged for grave sins if they have been confessed and the penance has already been done?
  • 45:52 - If you pray for a particular person in Purgatory, but that person is not in Purgatory, what happens to those prayers?
  • 50:06 - What would happen if you can’t tolerate the pain or punishment in Purgatory? What does that pain entail?
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