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Pro-Life Open Forum

Audio only:

The Catholic Church teaches and believes in the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Dr. Delgado helps to answer questions about abortion, contraception, end of life care and more.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:30 - Is it immoral to not have intercourse when the woman is ovulating? Is this contraception? 
  • 21:25 - Do Catholics have an obligation to vote for pro-life politicians? 
  • 24:18 - How can I respond to Catholics who say that it won’t make a big difference to vote for pro-life politicians? 
  • 30:00 - If you as a Catholic decline to be hospitalized on a ventilator during this time, is that a sin? 
  • 32:35 - I don’t believe that we can tell people that they can’t have an abortion. 
  • 41:55 - What are your thoughts on a Catholic who is pro-life but doesn’t think there should be any legal ramifications for abortion? 
  • 46:30 - How does the Catholic Church view NFP for more rural areas? It seems too complicated and they might need contraception? 
  • 49:20 - Would people caring for their elderly family members in their own home have more respect for their lives? Do you think that would be better than just placing them in homes? 


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