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Persuasive Pro-Life

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 05:13 - I heard you quote there are less abortions now than before Roe V. Wade. I’ve had a pro-abortion friend tell me the same thing. How do you find a statistic like that?
  • 16:42 - Do you think it’s morally correct to take the vaccine and how do you think it will have an effect on the pro-life movement?
  • 28:46 - Why does the church advocate specifically for vaccines if they know they use aborted fetal cells in their development?
  • 33:42 - My wife had an ectopic pregnancy and miscarried the baby at 6 weeks. Where does the church say the baby goes to? Are they in heaven or limbo?
  • 43:57 - Can you disprove that Jesus was pro-choice? I really feel like Jesus wants us to choose life.


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