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Persuasive Pro-Life

Questions Covered:

  • 05:44 - How would you respond to someone who is consistent on when life begins? For instance, they might say something is only alive if it has consciousness, and if you say “What about someone in a coma?” they say “Yeah, that’s not a human.”
  • 12:12 - Would our arguments be better if there were fewer straight white males making them and more minorities and women?
  • 19:35 - What’s the reasoning process that brought you to your definition of person?
  • 28:20 - Has the teaching of the Church about embryonic stem cell research changed since the late ‘90s when it was not allowed in any circumstances?
  • 37:00 - How do you distinguish between directly killing someone and not electing to save someone?
  • 46:30 - How would I respond to women who say men have no place in the abortion debate?
  • 52:19 - How would you respond to someone who says the government shouldn’t be involved?
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