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Overcoming Obstacles to Catholicism

Audio only:

Is something keeping you or someone you love from joining the Catholic Church? Karlo Broussard is here to help.

Questions Covered:

  • 06:53 - Can you help me to understand the relationship between Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture? 
  • 15:25 - What happens to babies who die without baptism? 
  • 19:21 - One of my obstacles to Catholicism is relics. How can I understand these better? 
  • 23:26 - In the case of the ectopic pregnancy, isn’t it moral to end a pregnancy? 
  • 35:48 - My daughter has just left the Church at 18. She claims that the only truth is in the Bible. How can I talk to her about this? 
  • 48:23 - What is the moral obligation that Catholics have in voting? Book Karlo to speak at your parish or next event. 

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