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Overcoming Obstacles to Belief in Jesus

Audio only:

Isn’t it a contradiction to say that Jesus is God and man at the same time? How can I believe in Jesus when the only evidence for him comes from the Bible?

Questions Covered: 

  • 14:10 - My friend says he is religious but not Catholic. How can I explain to him why being Catholic specifically is very important? 
  • 16:54 - My sister perceives Jesus as a demi-God. How can I set her straight? 
  • 28:34 - How can we know that the historicity of the gospels is accurate?  
  • 41:55 - I have an atheist friend who always criticizes God’s treatment of people in the Old Testament versus the New Testament. He doesn’t believe they are the same God. What can I say to him? 
  • 46:53 - I have a lot of atheist friends who want to separate Christianity from philosophy. How can we bring the two together? 
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