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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 02:05 - I was raised Baptist and we were given an “altar call” in our services. Christ says we must be “born again” but Catholics don’t have “altar calls” at their Masses. We need to “offer up an invitation” for Christ to enter our hearts but Catholics never seem to do this. 
  • 14:20 - I have a difficulty with what is presented as “catholic social teaching” and Catholic doctrine. I go to a school that is very progressive but they bear a Catholic name. Horribly progressive teachings are taught under the guise of “catholic social teaching” and I’m confused as to why these don’t line up with Catholic dogmas or doctrine? 
  • 29:30 - The bible says that the dead will be risen when Christ comes again. How can Catholics pray to saints when they are not in Heaven yet? 
  • 39:16 - How do Catholics see grace? Is it created or uncreated? Where does grace come from? 
  • 45:55 - If Mary is the Immaculate Conception was she the only person that didn’t cause Jesus to suffer on the cross? 
  • 51:08 - I heard that when Mary married Joseph she intended to be a consecrated virgin even before the angel appeared to her.  This doesn’t sound like a Catholic marriage but it doesn’t seem  to be pro-life which is what I thought a Catholic marriage had to be? 



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