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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Audio only:

Non-Catholics pose their questions about the Catholic Church.

Questions Covered:

  • 02:30 - Why do Catholics believe that Mary is the Queen of Heaven? 
  • 12:44 - Do Catholics believe in the double procession of the Holy Spirit? 
  • 19:41 - During WWII, when people were killed, were they martyrs? 
  • 21:20 - I am a non-religious person. How is religious worship a good thing to do as a means of having a relationship? Why is worship virtuous? 
  • 32:25 - How do Catholics understand Noah’s flood?  
  • 35:52 - Can you explain the perpetual virginity of Mary? 
  • 45:50 - If Christ’s death on the cross was enough for our salvation, why do we need penance or purgatory? 
  • 52:41 - Why do you think Protestantism isn’t the true faith? 
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