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Questions Covered

  • 03:46 - Why do people still have an issue with the Divine Mercy devotion, and why is it actually okay?
  • 13:24 - Why is St. Gregory Palamis canonized as a saint if he was an Eastern Orthodox monk?
  • 20:55 - In the language that Jesus spoke, did he use the same word in Aramaic to refer to Peter and to the rock upon which he’d build his church?
  • 30:00 - What’s the theology behind popes blessing monarchs, and how does that bear on the relation between church and state?
  • 35:32 - When the Jewish people were given the Old Testament, were they given infallibility with interpreting the scripture?
  • 45:11 - After the battle of La Ponto, the pope instituted the feast of Our Lady of Victory then changed it to our lady of the rosary… can Catholics still ask for the intercession of Our Lady of Victory?
  • 48:39 - Why does the Roman Rite not practice infants receiving communion like the Byzantine Rite?
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