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Can a Person With Same Sex Attraction Work in Ministry?

Open Forum – Questions Covered

  • 01:25 - What role did Paul play in ordination? When he laid hands, was it Confirmation or ordination?
  • 11:38 - What does it mean for Jesus’ human will if he is incapable of sin?
  • 21:49 - Does having same sex attraction forbid one from working in ministries in the Church?
  • 34:47 - I struggle with hearing very little about Jesus from Catholics? Can you give advice to a person considering the Catholic faith?
  • 42:10 - Are thoughts considered sinful, if you don’t consent to the thought and it just pops into your head?
  • 46:48 - Should we pray more than once for a specific request?
  • 51:05 - When is it permissible to bless another person as a lay person?
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