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Does John 3:16 Prove Sola Fide?

Tom Nash

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 04:43 - Where did the tradition of taking a papal name come from?
  • 07:17 - RCIA. My protestant friends are rejecting me and are refusing to talk to me. What can I do?
  • 13:50 - 1 Cor. 3:14-15 makes it sound like it’s talking about purgatory. Is this true?
  • 17:53 - Jn 3:16, Is Jesus advocating Sola Fide?
  • 23:05 - What are signal graces?
  • 30:21 - Why do some priests have “Mary” in their name, and some nuns have male saint names in their names?
  • 35:43 - I’ve seen a quote going around social media from Teilhard de Chardin saying there’s no such thing as original sin and it’s a “theology of entrapment.” This seems wrong but I’m not sure how to discuss it with people.
  • 42:13 - When are human souls created?
  • 44:40 - How does Jesus define faith?
  • 48:06 - When were crucifixes first used in Catholic churches?
  • 50:45 - How do I answer my Protestant co-worker who says the Immaculate Conception takes away from Jesus?
  • 52:45 - Romans 2:14-15 and Romans 7 seems to contradict itself.
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