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Do I Have to be Specific in Confession?

Audio only:

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 02:06 - Can practicing Catholics watch shows that contain some sexual content and explicit language?
  • 12:57 - What is the difference between humility and poverty of spirit?
  • 18:48 - Was papal infallibility ever used before it was defined in Vatican 1?
  • 28:03 - Should I go to a medical provider and pharmacy who provide the abortion pill?
  • 31:30 - My high school priests told us that we didn’t have to be specific about the sins we confessed. I feel like I’m not being honest when I go to confession. What’s your advice?
  • 38:50 - Should we bother with a general confession if Divine Mercy Sunday offers the same effect?
  • 44:30 - I was asked if non-Catholics can go to heaven and didn’t give the best answer. How would I answer this?
  • 48:45 - What are the roots of Latin being used in the Church?
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