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Questions Covered:

  • 06:59 - How necessary is baptism for salvation? Also, how would you explain the Sedevacantist view of invincible ignorance?
  • 17:06 - Could you clear up some misconceptions protestants have about the nature of salvation? For example, faith + works = salvation or faith = works + salvation.
  • 28:47 - Why do we refer to angels like St Michael as saints? I thought that was something simply for humanity.
  • 34:17 - Is necromancy the act of summoning those that are dead? Does it include interacting with them when they come to you and you didn’t summon them?
  • 43:00 - What is the Catholic viewpoint on Mormons baptizing the dead? Do Catholics do this?
  • 52:12 - What would the earliest forms of the Eucharist have looked like? What is the earliest rite in which we know the order of the mass or the liturgical calendar?
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