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Open Forum

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:51 - How does Molinism not confirm double predestination? 
  • 14:06 - How does St. Jude’s intercession come into play when asking for his help? 
  • 20:54 - Would it be abusing confession if you keep bringing up the same mortal sin repeatedly? 
  • 28:54 - If Mary was sinless, then how is it that she did not fulfill the law? 
  • 34:53 - Why do Christians still say Yahweh if the Vatican specifically wrote that we shouldn’t be using the word. 
  • 40:25 - Why did God pick Mary to be Jesus’ mother? 
  • 45:22 - The Council of Florence claimed that circumcision is mortally sinful. When did that thought change? 
  • 49:50 - Have there been any saints throughout history that have had demons exorcized out of them? 


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