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  • 08:07 - Where can I find purgatory in the bible? 
  • 16:16 - What’s the moral stance on helping beggars? Are we obligated to help, or can it be considered enabling drug addicts? 
  • 21:46 - Did the Church condemn dissection in the Middle Ages? If they did, has that been reversed to allow for scientific discovery? 
  • 29:18 - I’m a theology student in college. I read in the Summa; Aquinas says the husband has a right to beat his wife as a punishment. I also heard that it was part of canon law. This is disturbing to me. Can you help clarify this? 
  • 40:42 - I’m involved with FOCUS; we are going over a passage in 2 Kings. In the story of Bathsheba taking a request to Solomon, Solomon rejects his mother’s request. How do I better explain the typology of Marian intercession since it seems like intercession is rejected? 
  • 46:57 - I’m currently attending a Catholic high school that is increasingly slipping away from Catholic ideals? What should I do? 
  • 52:03 - When should we offer fraternal correction according to St. Augustine? Does using the Lord’s name call for fraternal correction? 
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