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Open Forum

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:17 - Do vaccine mandates contradict the Catechism?
  • 11:48 - I heard a rad-trad argue that the Novus Ordo is spiritually harmful, even though it’s licit, by comparing the two forms of the Mass to the sacrifices of Cain and Abel. How would you respond to that?
  • 19:25 - Where can I find evidence of Jesus in the Old Testament outside of the Psalms?
  • 24:41 - contacted Tim a few years ago and he helped me dig deeper into my faith and I’m so thankful for his help.
  • 29:23 - What’s the Catholic stance on asexuality (not being attracted to either sex)?
  • 36:16 - What does one have to do to devote themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
  • 43:50 - When the priest is consecrating the sacred elements, because he’s in persona Christi, is it right for us to understand that in that moment he’s actually Christ? If that’s so, is it accurate to understand his body as accidental and his substance as Christ’s, just like the Eucharist?
  • 48:51 - How do we know that forgiveness of sins in John 20 is talking about sacramental confession and not just forgiveness in general?


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